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We are the best people to contribute to technology literacy throughout our ICT ,digital skills and soft skills courses.

Actionable Training

Our trainings are practical as we believe in hands on skills as our teaching model.

Interesting Quizzes

While with us you meet our interesting quizzes to help you in your learning process.

Premium Material

We offer good learning materials to ease and help you to learn smoothly.

Who we are

N@tcom Services Ltd, is an IT-Training and Consultancy firm for capacity building & skills development in various areas of Technology. It was established in 2010 with a core mission of “Bridging the Technology Gap in Digital Economy” by assisting Youth-graduates, Government, private Company/Corporate’s Employees to attaining IT-career paths and life goals through globally recognized Industrial certifications and Trainings. We make it easy for public and private Companies to empower the employees and staffs with relevant skills that will boost the Organization’s Development and Productivity.

Get trainings from us

N@tcom Services Ltd ensures that there are strong partnerships with the local and international certification companies and organizations so that the trainees can get the maximum from the course which is being offered.

Trainees Environment

N@tcom Services Ltd facilitates the certifications of the trainees by creating the enabling environment for them so that they do not spend much time gathering the requirement themselves. However, N@tcom Services Ltd will sometimes provide certificates after the training while the trainees are waiting for the international providers.

Connect with employees

N@tcom Services Ltd equips non-employed people, employees, and students with a variety of practical courses including database, computer networking, big data, server administration, cybersecurity.

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