Why N@tcom  provides internship?

N@tcom Services Ltd provides internship opportunities in various field including software development, web development, computer networking, operating systems, computer maintenance, cybersecurity, soft skills. N@tcom Services Ltd provides internship to all levels of students including those who are in high schools and universities.

During the internship period, internees may have opportunities to visit different companies which are in the marketplace. This mechanism prepares students to get an understanding of what is required in the industry as skill sets so that they can prepare themselves accordingly.

After the internship, the certificates can sometimes be given to internees who performed very well and have contributed to the achievement of the ongoing operations of the N@tcom Services Ltd and the institution which has sent the internees.

Most of the internships offered by N@tcom Services Ltd are practical but there is always a need for theoretical skills which are tested before the trainees start the internship. The internship program at N@tcom Services Ltd is considered as a real employment and trainees are evaluated on daily basis.